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Our Competitive Advantages 

We offer a comprehensive range of innovative products including Hose Clips, Cage Nuts, Safety Clips and Steel Washers etc., and cater to the needs of appliance, agricultural, automotive and other industries.

Using modern metal forming technology and excellent grade materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy, etc. in the manufacturing work, we produce the finest Spring Steel Sheet Metal Components that show global quality standards. For an instance, our offered Hose Clamps & Clips feature accurate dimensions, sturdy construction, easy assembly and high corrosion resistant. In addition, we have introduced over 5000 custom-made components.

The company has an experienced and highly qualified management, which works for the development and modernization of the products, processes and technology. Our profound research & development work and continuous process refinement help us to stay competitive in the marketplace. With all such efforts, the company has created a niche in the industry.   

Our Strengths:

1) Using core & modern technology 
2) Competitive prices
3) Quality, quantity and timely delivery
4) Large production facilities
5) Qualified, skilled and experienced workforce


We have sound infrastructure facilities that help us produce quality Spring Clips, Spring Nuts etc. We have different units for dedicated work, which are as follows: 

Manufacturing Facilities 

We have modern presses ranging from 10 to 200 tonnes, high-speed presses such as Mabu and Bruder, and specialized machines as well. We use CNC Multislide Cutting and Forming Machine for specialized multi-forming activities. Snap ring manufacturing is done with the help of Rolling & Winding machines. Further, Rollers and pneumatic feeds are effectively used for feeding. We produce Fine Blank Components by using Fine Blanking Presses such as Henrich Schmid. Austempering Furnaces and Shaker Hearth Furnaces are used for heat treatments. Electroplating, blackening, phosphating, powder coating, lac-quering, etc. are some surface coating facilities we possess. For grinding jobs, we have surface and duplex grinders. 

Tool Room

Apart from tool room machinery, we have CNC wire cut and EDM machines for our tooling jobs. CAD and CAM are used for the design of the tooling, and everyday average 2.25 number of tools are designed.


The company is an ISO 9002 certificated company. It's recording as well as evaluation of inspection is computerized. Primary inspection is performed at tooling stage apart from the inline and final examination. Also, the inspection of input raw materials is being done and counter-verified with the customers certificate of test. TISCO (TATA), reputed manufacturer, is the main source for purchase. And for bulk inspection the S.Q.C. standards are well-set. Moreover, customers satisfaction and ever-increasing business reflects for both quality and quantity assurance.

Research and Development (R&D)

The Company has a sound Research and Development center. It has all the latest and core facilities for excellent running of R&D activities. C.N.C. Snap ring machine, CNC multislide cutting & forming machine, feeder, Reel stand, Coilers, Catch feeds and other specialized machines are the results of our thorough Research & Development efforts. For this purpose, we have with us highly qualified engineers and industrial experts.

Our Major Products

1) Hose Clips
2) Hose Clamps
3) Captive Nuts / Cage Nuts
4) Snap Rings
5) Spring Clips
6) Spring Nuts
7) Dowel Pins
8) Quick Release Fastener
9) Stainless Steel Washer
10) Star Washer
11) Sheet Metal Washers
12) Sheet Metal Parts, etc.

Our quality policy covers following aspects:  

1) For quotation: Part feasibility study is carried out, and inquiry register & order history card is maintained. 
2) For process: Process flow diagram and FMEA is created along with effective control plan APQP status report maintained. For established process there is a PPAP activity completed X and R bar chart. 
3) For raw material: With inspection norms & standards, Quality plan for Raw material and Sampling.
4) For sub-contractor: Approval list, evaluation and regular audit. 
5) For inspection: Updated customer standards and drawings.
6) Our Customer Policy
7) Customer first approach
8) Ascertain the exact requirements of customers
9) Custom-made products
10) Prompt customer service 
11) Our Clientele

We have a large clientele in the field of:

1) Automobiles
2) Electrical
3) Electronics
4) Aviation
5) Textile, and allied sectors
6) Automobiles
7) Electrical
8) Electronics
9) Aviation
10) Textile, and allied sectors

We are enjoying a major share of the Automobile Clients, and our quality, service and competitiveness has helped us create trust for our Foreign Collaborators, as well.